New Year's Resolutions with The Desi Pinup!

New Year's Resolutions with The Desi Pinup!

Well ladies, it's now February - how are you all going with your resolutions?

This year, mine were:

* Stress Less - everything always works out in the end

* Positive attitude brings positive outcomes - I want to be less negative and try to bring more positivity to my life

* Grow my business even further

I'm pleased to say that my resolutions are going well so far.  I didn't want to promise myself anything crazy, just little things that will make me happier.

Now, let's check out The Desi Pinup's resolutions!

1. Spend Less Time on Instagram:

Oh, I'm guilty of this one.  But actually for me it's mainly Facebook!  

2. Gossip Less: 

I'm sure we've all done this at some point!

3. Go to bed at a decent hour:

Hmm, still working on this one... although my bedtime is not up to me - it's up to my 9 month old daughter!

4. Read a good book:

Now this is a great one! I've been reading a lot of books lately - check out your local library if you haven't in a while, they've got some amazing reads at my local. 

5. Conquer your fears: 

Does transferring an insect from your house to outside count? Because I did that recently without making my husband do it!  

The cute shoes as seen here on The Desi Pinup can be found here:
Pin Up Couture Wiggle Bow T-Bar Heels

Have a wonderful rest of your week and year! 

xx Melissa


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